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Part of our protocols and our firm belief is that we must be surrounded by prayer and to achieve this, we always have a substantial number of home-based Prayer Partners (PPs) to back up our activities whilst we are out on shift. However if you are not a night owl, this needn’t stop you applying.

We always have PPs offering prayer at home or out and about, to suit their weekend routines, from first thing in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays, through the day and evening, plus others who start praying from the start of our shifts late into the night.

In addition, one or more of our PPs is always on call at home during each shift to take emergency prayer requests via telephone or mobile so that we can dedicate specific prayer to particular situations or people the Town Pastors may be dealing with at that very moment.

As well as our home-based PPs, there are always two Base Prayer Partners (BPPs) on every shift based at our headquarters within the Fishermen’s Mission at Lowestoft Docks. The BPPs’ role includes looking after our Town Pastors whilst they are on duty (eg providing them with much-needed tea and toast when they come back in or crumpets if we are lucky!), surrounding them and their work with prayer, talking to our home-based PPs and logging telephone calls and radio traffic during the shift. The BPPs work closely with and support the Team Leader for the shift, who is responsible for all TPL’s activities that night.

Before being considered for either role, all Prayer Partner and Base Prayer Partner applicants (who must be committed local Christians) are interviewed by existing PPs and the Prayer Co-ordinator to assess their suitability and also must be recommended by their local Christian Minister.