What personal data we may record concerning people who have received assistance from the Town Pastors, or who might be assisted in the future.

In accordance with new data protection laws that came into effect on 25th May this year, we are obliged by law to provide notice of how we may have used, or might use any details which could be construed as personal data in regard to persons who have or who may be assisted by the Town Pastors.

As part of the Town Pastors’ duties during a shift, logs are kept of the shift activities.

The data controller and processor of these logs is Town Pastors Lowestoft.

The logs are hand written at the time of the incident, either in the Town Pastor’s notebook or in the radio log book back at base. Town Pastors use Town Link Radio, and are connected to Central Control. Town Pastors Lowestoft do not electronically record any of the radio transmissions.

Our policy is to try to ensure that we do not collect personal data during shift activities.

Our shift logs are anonymised. We will never record a person’s name or contact details. Data for the logs is taken factually, objectively and evidentially. They are recorded as a first hand accounts.

Our logs are maintained for various reasons:

  • To ensure that Town Pastors can when requested, provide vital information concerning the health and well being of the assisted person to the emergency services and other responsible agencies.
  • To report and provide accountability to the Management and Board of Trustees on the shift activities of Town Pastors Lowestoft.
  • To enable us to keep statistical records. This enables us to check how effective we are being in providing assistance when required.
  • As we are a Christian based organisation; to enable us to report to the cover churches, prayer teams & individuals that support us.
  • For use in the training of new Town Pastors.
  • For promotional purposes in the recruitment of new volunteers, or supporters.

Because one of the emergency services that may request access to our logs is the police, we keep them indefinitely.

Log data used for statistics or for reporting purposes may be transcribed onto a personal computer. This computer is subject to our Electronic Data Security protocols. For the avoidance of doubt, we consider any cloud based or online service to be a form of third party processing. Because we cannot be certain that the cloud servers are within the European Economic Area, we ensure that all our IT apps are made available to us by developers who have signed up to the EU/US Privacy Shield.

If you have any further questions regarding how we record data during shift activities, please feel free to contact us.

An electronic PDF copy of our Data Protection Policy can be made available on request.

Personal data arising from such an enquiry will not be retained once we have issued our substantive response.